Our Services

At Rolf Valley Dog Academy we offer both private and group training. Our dogs can be delivered as far as across the continental United States, with an extra cost on the trainer’s hotel and transportation expenses. Our training covers critical areas such as aggression, behavioral issues, detection, barking, and other issues.

Specialized security

In our years of experience, we’ve encountered various reasons that can draw people to either adopt a K9 or bring in theirs for training. We offer diverse security solutions for both predictable and evolving scenarios, without leaving out critical specialized services. Our dogs know how to act in every kind of situation; be it a jet, indoors, outdoors, in your car, around your grandparents, strangers, or even your favorite cafe around the corner.

We offer:

● Single / Dual Purpose

● Mine detection dogs

● Pipeline leak detection gas and oil

● Green dogs – highly selected

Obedience Training & Boarding

Whether you’re looking to get private or group training for your dog, Rolf Valley Dog Academy provides this in an environment that is both safe, ethical but effective for your canine. Our certified and experienced trainers ensure that your dog gains a wholesome experience whether you’ve opted for basic, intermediate, or advanced training levels.

Some of the problems we give our attention to include:

● Barking

● Jumping

● Pulling on the lead

● Dog and human aggression

● Behavior modification

Personal Protection Dogs

Our vigilant personal protection dogs (PPD’s) are intricately trained to serve you in two primary ways: firstly as 24/7 guard dogs for your family and property through prompt recognition and assessment of threats plus appropriate response, then secondly, to be, well, fantastic dogs. Our K9 PPD’s are guided by expert training, a collection of physical and verbal commands from you as the owner, and reliable instinct. A fantastic feature that our dogs have is to switch back into your beloved docile pet after a threat or incident has been neutralized. This makes them absolutely safe for your children and in public situations. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our dogs, plus a written health warranty.

The following is also provided for all our dogs:

● Hip and elbow x-rays

● Veterinary and up-to-date records

● Our written policies and satisfaction guarantee

Keeping Your Pets

Happy, Healthy and Safe!

You’ll enjoy knowing our dedicated team will do whatever is needed to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe when you’re away from home.

What Clients Say

Customer Reviews

Arko and I have become attached, and having him as part of my private and work life has given me an immense sense of peace.

Aurora Rawson

(PPD) customer

Reaching out to Brian was the best decision I’ve ever made! We were so discouraged about life with our puppy, but because of Rolf Valley Dog Academy, peace has been restored to our family life and home. Two paws up, 5 gold stars, and standing applause…we highly recommend Brian’s Dog Academy to everyone!!

Jules Michaels

on her Rottweiler

Brian is an impeccable trainer! I was definitely nervous about leaving my dog with a stranger for 4 weeks. But the constant check-ins everyday texts, phone calls, pictures, and videos put my heart at ease! The results of the hard work put in by the trainers at Rolf Valley Dog Academy transformed my dog into a poised and obedient German
shepherd. She even still has her dopey personality! I can’t thank Brian enough for assisting us to get back to having pleasant family trips again. Also for her to keep in touch and check-in after we picked him up is great!

Sam Proton

on his German Shepherd