Personal Protection Dogs

Our vigilant personal protection dogs (PPD’s) are intricately trained to serve you in two primary ways: firstly as 24/7 guard dogs for your family and property through prompt recognition and assessment of threats plus appropriate response, then secondly, to be, well, fantastic dogs. Our K9 PPD’s are guided by expert training, a collection of physical and verbal commands from you as the owner, and reliable instinct. A fantastic feature that our dogs have is to switch back into your beloved docile pet after a threat or incident has been neutralized. This makes them absolutely safe for your children and in public situations.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our dogs, plus a written health warranty.
The following is also provided for all our dogs:
● Hip and elbow x-rays
● Veterinary and up-to-date records
● Our written policies and satisfaction guarantee

Personal Protection Dogs Training

The personal protection package comes at a different level. All our protection dogs have been
intricately selected as puppies. This means that they have all the qualities and traits required for
effective protectors. Our expert trainers take them through carefully developed systems that
make them obedient, reliable, and socially-friendly. Each one of our K9’s has been taught to be friendly around children and even smaller animals such as livestock. In as much as the academy is a school, we also nurture the dogs and give them a family setting. As a result, they can easily switch from protective mode to a regular good dog. You may request images, videos, and documentation on our available dogs. Our protector dogs come on two levels that you can opt for.

This option is recommended if you have not had any prior experience with a protector dog. Expectations Level 1 dogs are socially-friendly and have an even-temperament. They are almost indistinguishable from regular house dogs apart from being extra clean and command smart. Whether on or off the leash you’re guaranteed that they’ll follow commands. Perfect for taking out for a family outing, a hike, or even a trip to the bank or ATM for enhanced protection. Their social etiquette doesn’t remove from their protective nature of your family and property. They will however not attack unless told to or if danger is close.

This level is recommended for individuals that have prior experience with a protector dog. Expectations Dogs from this level are serial protector dogs. Yes, they come with all the wonderful social
features and obedience that the Level 1 dog has but expect more viciousness and aggression. These come with impressive off/on-leash obedience. These K9s are superb for body guarding, family and property security, sport/competition, yard security, and public event security among others. This type of protector will fight till the death to ensure that you are protected against aggressors.
Naturally, muggers and criminals avoid this type of dog because of their repertoire. If you’re looking for a dog that will bite with no second thought then this is the one for you.