Obedience Training

Owning a dog (for whatever reasons) in the home should not be a frustrating experience. If anything it should add pleasure and a sense of security and companionship. Throughout our years of experience, we at Rolf Valley Dog Academy have formulated a system of board and train that resolves problems and teaches your canine basic obedience instruction commands. By the time, we give them back to you, you’ll own a canine that is intelligent, receptive but still as cuddlesome as they were before. Our developed system of board and training assess your pet’s natural abilities, potential, and defects. We then move on to personalize a training model just for your dog that builds on these strengths and weaknesses through behavioral modification coupled with obedience training. Our expert trainers will expose your pet to various and foreign training conceptions, socialization, and diversion training. After the training course has been completed, we’ll call you in for a private class that shows you your pet’s new abilities and educate you on how to read their behavior properly and maintain that same standard in your home.

Contact us for a competitive quote based on your and your pet’s needs. Private sessions are available if you have time to do the daily training sessions with your dog.